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Advancing capabilities for deployable USRPs

Advancing capabilities for deployable USRPs The USRP and Military Embedded Systems The inception of the Universal Software Radio Peripheral (USRP) was rooted in connecting standard computer hardware to the electromagnetic spectrum to enable rapid wireless development and real-world experimentation. We are now in the second decade of the USRP evolution and SDR technology has permeated...

More Flexibility and Resources with UHD 4.0

UHD FOUR-O IS HERE! UHD 4.0 is a major enhancement to the open source driver for the NI / Ettus Research USRP devices. Martin Braun gave a preview at GRCon 2019, and we’ve delivered on what we shared and more! Slides, Video Get started right now What is UHD? The USRP Hardware Driver (UHD)...

There is more Green in open-source SDR

You may have noticed some changes over at Before June 16th “NI” was a nickname for “National Instruments” and now it is officially the company name. The global nature of our business deems “National” inaccurate, and “Instruments” is no longer a holistic representation of what we offer—our Ettus Research branded SDR products are a...

Announcing the USRP N320 and USRP N321

Ettus Research, a National Instruments brand, is proud to announce the USRP N320 and USRP N321 software defined radios (SDRs). These high-performing, stand-alone SDRs deliver frequency coverage from 3 MHz to 6 GHz with 200 MHz of instantaneous bandwidth per channel. With reliability and fault tolerance and the ability to share local oscillators and multiple...

“Enter the Electromagic Spectrum with the USRP” GNU Radio Conference 2018

From the proceedings of GNU Radio Conference 2018. This presentation will illustrate how to use GNU Radio and USRP SDRs to explore and manipulate the Electromagnetic Spectrum to see the world around us in extraordinary ways. In what can only be described as "real life magic", we will challenge your horizons and redefine what is possible.

Announcing the USRP E320

Ettus Research, a National Instruments brand, is proud to announce the USRP E320 software defined radio (SDR), which brings performance to embedded SDR by offering four times more FPGA resources compared to its predecessor USRP E31x devices.

Open-Source Software and SDRs: Alive and Well in 2018

Open-source software initiatives require an active ecosystem of contributors to work effectively and for the software to be useful and have a decent lifespan. NI remains committed to open-source software and the future evolutions and use of SDRs in new and exciting applications that you, the GNU Radio community, will create!