Ettus Research™, an NI brand since 2010, is the world’s leading supplier of software-defined radio platforms, including the Universal Software Radio Peripheral (USRP™) family of products.

By supporting a wide variety of development environments on an expansive portfolio of high-performance RF hardware, the USRP platform is the SDR platform of choice for thousands of engineers, scientists and students worldwide for algorithm development, exploration, prototyping and developing next-generation wireless technologies across a wide variety of applications.

The USRP family of products is designed for RF applications from DC to 6 GHz, including multiple-antenna (MIMO) systems. Example application areas include white spaces, mobile phones, public safety, spectrum monitoring, radio networking, cognitive radio, satellite navigation, and amateur radio.

NI, through the Ettus Research brand, offers a premium software-defined radio portfolio combining ease of use and a robust open-source software community.  Leveraging the power of the USRP Hardware Driver™ (UHD), engineers have access to an ecosystem of software options, from open-source to graphical system design.

The open-source GNU Radio software code repository helps engineers interface with hundreds of active members supporting other users and growing the codebase.

Through this open-source community, GNU Radio software continues to evolve and address more applications including RF and communications system design encompassing both MAC and PHY research, spectrum monitoring and signal intelligence, and wireless sensors and tracking.

Among other software options, engineers can program with a graphical system design approach using NI LabVIEW software. With NI and Ettus software-defined radio hardware and LabVIEW, they can prototype their wireless systems faster and significantly shorten their time to results. NI and Ettus offer a complete platform with an option to reuse existing software tools for simplified programming in a unified design flow that scales from design to deployment.