There is more Green in open-source SDR

You may have noticed some changes over at

Before June 16th “NI” was a nickname for “National Instruments” and now it is officially the company name. The global nature of our business deems “National” inaccurate, and “Instruments” is no longer a holistic representation of what we offer—our Ettus Research branded SDR products are a great example of this fact.

It is true the colors and logo changed, green represents the growth and renewal of our business; it is a symbol that we are going forward with you.

However, the NI change is more than just those visual items.

NI has been undergoing an evolution over the past 3 years, we’ve reorganized into industry-focused business units to better serve your needs. This re-brand is a cultural shift to put more focus on serving our engineering customers. NI acquired Ettus Research in 2010 and the open-source SDR portion of our business has been connecting engineers with ideas and technology for years. The new NI is embracing these ideas as a core value and stating that we have ambitions to better serve our world for the benefit of all humanity.

You can learn more about this change from Eric Starkloff, NI CEO

What does this mean for Ettus Research and Open Source Software Defined Radio?

At the core, NI is about serving engineers and enterprises to engineer ambitiously. In the wireless space, it always starts with engineering a prototype. The USRP is an industry-standard for wireless research and prototyping across many industries. The USRP remains an important part of our strategy to enable engineers to build what is next, be it 6G wireless or a  wireless solution for defense. In the SDR space, free and open-source tools like UHD and GNU Radio are popular, and many have built enterprises around them.  We know these options are important to you, as such they are important to how we solve the next wireless challenges together. Rest assured the great open-source SDR capabilities from Ettus Research and NI are alive and well.

This change is just one moment in time.  We have a lot of great things in the works and are excited to keep going forward and enabling the wireless researchers, developers, and hobbyists with powerful SDR products and systems, now and for the next 100 years.

Let’s Engineer Wireless Ambitiously

Take note of the USRP Cameo shortly into our latest video. 

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