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Corgan Labs Offers Training for GNU Radio and USRP Product Family

Corgan Labs is one of several partners you will find in the USRP ecosystem.  Founded by Johnathan Corgan, long-time release manager of the GNU Radio[link] project, Corgan Labs offers SDR training and application design services.  Recently, Corgan Labs adopted the Ettus Research Instant SDR Kit as a standardized training platform.  Now, attendees can receive low-cost hardware, be up and running quickly for the course, and continue designing with the hardware after the course is complete.

Ettus Research – USRP Instant SDR Kit

Ettus Research has released the USRP Instant SDR Kit, a low-cost kit with all of the components to get started with SDR quickly.  This is a great way to get involved with the growing open source community!

DARPA Spectrum Challenge Standardizes on USRP Product Family

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has recently announced the Spectrum Challenge, a competition that will require participants to develop intelligent radio protocols that improve performance in challenging and dynamic RF environments.  Ettus Research is proud to announce that the Spectrum Challenge has standardized on the USRP product family.