Corgan Labs Offers Training for GNU Radio and USRP Product Family

The USRP Ecosystem – It’s More Than Hardware  

As you may have seen in some of our recent posts, Ettus Research products are used by  engineers, scientists and students in a wide range of applications.  While the USRP product line offers a unique technical solution for engineering challenges, there is more to consider.  The hardware itself is part of a larger ecosystem – a community of experts, partners, and collaborators.  Partners within this ecosystem offer services, development tools, and in some cases, turn-key systems that can shorten your time-to-result.  One of these valuable partners is Corgan Labs.

Corgan Labs – Software Defined Radio Training and Application Design Services

Corgan Labs is one of several partners you will find in the USRP ecosystem.  Founded by Johnathan Corgan, long-time release manager of the GNU Radio project, Corgan Labs offers SDR training and application design services.  Recently, Corgan Labs adopted the Ettus Research Instant SDR Kit as a standardized training platform.  Now, attendees can receive low-cost hardware, be up and running quickly for the course, and continue designing with the hardware after the course is complete. 




Interested in more information on the training courses?

Currently, Corgan Labs offers three courses:

  1. Introduction to SDR (3 days)

    Basic DSP principles, GNU Radio architecture, building applications in GRC/Python, writing custom DSP blocks, all with hands-on examples.

  2. Advanced SDR (2 day add-on)

    In-depth look at practical DSP methods for communications – filters, modulators, demodulators, and more.  Complete the course by building a fully functional OFDM transceiver and communicating with your classmates.

  3. USRP Advanced Users Course (3 days)

    In-depth overview of USRP architecture, FPGA customization, and all software frameworks that work with the USRP – LabVIEW, Matlab, Simulink, GNU Radio, and direct C++ APIs.


To maximize educational value, all courses include hands-on design examples with the USRP.  You’ll start with simple applications like FM receivers, and finish the advanced course with a complete OFDM transceiver.  If you would like to learn more about the courses Corgan Labs offers, or inquire about design services, please e-mail: [email protected]

Need additional support?  Ettus Research is here for you!

The Instant SDR Kit is a great solution for self-education and rapid designing  Here are some quick resources to help you get started:

Instant SDR Kit

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