Ettus Research Reached Partnership with Tenet Technetronics

Ettus Research, a National Instruments Company, is pleased to announce a distribution partnership with Tenet Technetronics, a global company that develops and distributes electronic development tools and services with a significant presence in India.  As a result of this partnership, customers located in India can now purchase Ettus Research products directly from Tenet Technetronics, a local company in local currency, to greatly simplify the sales ordering and fulfillment process.  Customers will receive Ettus Research products such as the USRP (Universal Software Radio Peripheral) faster and with less effort. This partnership also provides customers with local sales and support resources to answer all pre and post sale support questions.  

Tenet Technetronics is a company dedicated to developing, as well as distributing, system design and development tools and services in India. The company provides off the shelf tools and solutions to a diverse customer base consisting of professionals, researchers, academics and hobbyists. Tenet Technetronics operates out of Bangalore, India but has other offices such as the regional sales office and several distributor networks across the country as well.

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