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“ECDSA Key Extraction from Mobile Devices via Nonintrusive Physical Side Channels” Genkin et al.

Check out this research being done on Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA) key extraction by Genkin et al.. Their research utilized both Ettus Reserch and National Instruments hardware. "For digitizing the analog signal, we used one of two instruments. For the best robustness during initial characterization, as described below in this subsection, we used a National Instruments PCI- 6115 data acquisition device, sampling at 10 Msample/sec with 12 bits of ADC resolution. For key extraction, described in Section 3.2, we used an Ettus N200 software defined radio device, with its LFRX daughterboard, sampling at 1 Msample/sec." To read the full article click here  

Who’s going to DySPAN 2015?

Join us in Stockholm on September 29 - October 2 for DySPAN 2015 for a unique blend of policy and technology topics focused on addressing the rapid growth in wireless traffic through spectrum reuse with a keynote presented by Matt Ettus. 

RFNoC for High-Performance SDR

The Wireless Symposium @ Virginia Tech is an annual event where leaders and researchers from the wireless community meet and discuss latest developments. Ettus Research has been a part of this for a long time,and attended this year's symposium with a few members of our R&D team.