Exciting News from GRCon 2016!

Ettus Research had several exciting announcements at GRCon 2016! First, Matt Ettus announced the RFNoC & Vivado HLS Challenge with a grand prize of up to $10,000. The goal of the challenge is to develop RFNoC IP blocks using the Xilinx Vivado HLS flow, which uses C, C++ and SystemC for FPGA programming. This exciting contest should result in a large library of RFNoC blocks for the open source community to leverage. For more information, go to the RFNoC & Vivado HLS Challenge page

Also, Matt discussed the DARPA Spectrum Challenge Collaboration (SC2), which is using Ettus USRP X310s with UBX daughterboards to create the “Colosseum” infrastructure for the contestants to play within. Contests need to develop machine learning algorithms for radios that can dynamically adapt to a very noisy and challenging RF environment. This will be probably the world’s largest channel emulator supporting up to 256 channels at a time! Ettus Research put together a mini Colosseum demo to illustrate the feasibility of the concept, which is described in this video from NIWeek 2016.

See you at GRCon 2017!!!