RFNoC for High-Performance SDR

The Wireless Symposium @ Virginia Tech is an annual event where leaders and researchers from the wireless community meet and discuss latest developments. Ettus Research has been a part of this for a long time,and attended this year’s symposium with a few members of our R&D team.

Jonathon Pendlum and Martin Braun, the lead developers of RFNoC, presented a tutorial on what RFNoC is, how it can be used and what needs to be done to use RFNoC for developing high-performance SDR applications, from FPGA-side development to host-side modifications. The tutorial session can be found in the video below. In addition to the video, the slides can also be found below:

It was very exciting to meet a lot of RFNoC users and to see what people are using it for. We’re looking forward to seeing even more applications of RFNoC in the future!