Stand-Alone Pocket Sized SDR

Announcing the USRP™ E310 - A stand-alone Software-Defined Radio that provides 2x2 MIMO support covering 70MHz to 6GHz. Powerful, affordable and compact.
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A New Standard in SDR

The USRP ™ X300 and X310 – the latest high-performance SDR platform with two 120 MHz RF daughterboard slots, a Kintex-7 FPGA, and multiple high-speed host interfaces.
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Discover SDR

Learn the power of affordable SDR with the first fully integrated, single board, Universal Software Radio Peripheral platforms with continuous frequency coverage from 70 MHz –6 GHz.
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Networked Series

High-speed, high-resolution software defined radio hardware offering plug-and-play MIMO capability.
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USRP Family of Products

A comprehensive line of software defined radio platforms ideal for practical development and deployment of flexible RF systems from DC to 6 GHz.
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About Ettus Research

Ettus Research™ specializes in low-cost, high-quality software defined radio (SDR) systems. The flagship Ettus Research product, the USRP™ (Universal Software Radio Peripheral), enables users worldwide to address a broad range of research, academic, industrial and defense applications. The USRP platform is designed for RF applications from DC to 6 GHz, and provides options for GPS Disciplined Synchronization, MIMO configurations and embedded systems. Example application areas include white space radios, mobile phones, public safety radio, land mobiles, broadcast TV, FM radio, satellite navigation and amateur radio bands.

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And the winner is . . .

Congratulations to Matt Ettus, President and Founder of Ettus Research, for his tremendous accomplishment on winning the International Achievement Award

A New Twist on the Software Defined Radio

Software defined radios (SDR) are not a novel concept; the original concept of a software radio first appeared thirty years ago. Due to the high cost of SDR hardware, though, software radio platforms really haven't been available as 'consumer' devices until recently. The wide availability of software defined radios for students, engineers & scientists, and hobbyists, was really kicked off by Matt Ettus in 2004. Since then, the use of the software defined radio has proliferated through many fields of communications and electronics.

FREE Prize Giveaway at WInnComm 2015: Win A USRP B200 and SDR Training

Visit the Ettus Research booth at WInnComm 2015 for a chance to win a USRP B200 and a spot in a SDR training course, brought to you by Ettus Research, Cogran Labs, and GNU Radio.

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