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USRP N200 - $1,515.00 782746-01 | USRP N200 Kit (USRP N200, 2 SMA-Bulkhead RF Cables, Ethernet Cable, Power)

The USRP N200 offers high-bandwidth, high-dynamic range processing capability. The Gigabit Ethernet interface of the USRP N200 allows high-speed streaming capability up to 50 MS/s in both directions (8-bit samples). These features, combined with plug-and-play MIMO capability make the USRP N200 an ideal candidate for software defined radio systems with demanding performance requirements.


USRP N210 - $1,717.00 782747-01 | USRP N210 Kit (USPR N200, 2 SMA-Bulkhead RF Cables, Ethernet Cable, Power)

The USRP N210 is an enhanced version of the USRP N200 that includes a larger FPGA. This allows users to move additional functionality into the FPGA, increasing the maximum processing capability up to 100 MS/s in both directions while offering potential improvements in processing latency.

Quad Receiver QR210

Quad Receiver QR210 782749-01 | QR210 Quad Receiver Kit

The Ettus Research QR210 is a high-performance, four-channel receiver that is ideal for applications requiring coherent, multi-channel receive capability. Providing frequency coverage from 700 MHz to 4 GHz, the QR210 can be used for spectrum monitoring, signals intelligence, and localization of signals in WiFi, cellular, and other bands. The architecture includes pre-select filter banks, a YIG-tuned local oscillator, 16-bit ADCs, a Virtex-5 FPGA, and several host-interface options.