PCI-Express Connectivity Kit (PCIe – Desktop)
PCI-Express Connectivity Kit (PCIe – Desktop) - $ 1,411.00 USD

783346-01 | PCIe Interface Kit for USRP X3xx (Desktop)

The PCI-Express Connectivity Kit provides high-speed connectivity between a desktop PC (with an available PCI-Express x4 slot) to the USRP ™ X300/X310.  The kit includes a PCI-Express x4 adapter card, regular and low profile brackets, and 3.0m cable.  The cabled PCIe bus interface provides up to 200 MS/s of full duplex data throughput with round-trip latencies as low as 10 us.

OctoClock-G CDA-2990
OctoClock-G CDA-2990 - $ 3,492.00 USD

784306-01 | OCTOCLOCK-G CDA-2990 8-Channel Clock Distribution Module with Integrated GPSDO

The OctoClock-G CDA-2990 is an upgraded version of the OctoClock CDA-2990, which includes an internal GPS-disciplined, oven-controlled crystal oscillator.  Like the OctoClock CDA-2990, the OctoClock-G CDA-2990 provides 8 PPS and 10 MHz outputs. 

OctoClock CDA-2990
OctoClock CDA-2990 - $ 1,997.00 USD

784305-01 | OCTOCLOCK CDA-2990 8 Channel Clock Distribution Module (External Reference Required)

The OctoClock CDA-2990 is an affordable solution for high-accuracy time and frequency reference distribution. The OctoClock CDA-2990 accepts 10 MHz and PPS signals from an external source and distributed each signal 8 ways. This is a useful accessory for users that would like to build multi-channel systems that are synchronized to a common timing source. Requires external 10 MHz/1 PPS source.

GPSDO Kit for USRP N200/N210
GPSDO Kit for USRP N200/N210 - $ 1,530.00 USD

782779-01 | USRP GPS-Disciplined Oscillator Kit

Includes GPS locked reference oscillator for USRP N200/N210 series (rev 4 and above). Kit includes 1 power cable, 1 serial cable, 3 RF cables, and 2 screws required to install inside the USRP N200 series chassis. For applications requiring the use of an active GPS antenna, this module requires a 3V LNA compatible GPS antenna (not provided).

Rackmount for USRP N2xx
Rackmount for USRP N2xx - $ 543.00 USD

782778-01 | USRP Rack Mount Kit (Combine 4 Devices into 3U, 19" Rack) (Not for USRP1)

Includes a 19″ 3U Rackmount for USRP N2xx chassis. Holds up to 4 chassis (not for USRP-1).

USRP POWER SUPPLY (5.9V 4A DC) - $ 54.00 USD

784868-01 | USRP POWER SUPPLY (5.9V 4A DC)

Includes the power supply for the following USRP device. USRP E Series: E310, E312 USRP B Series: B200, B210, USRP 1 USRP N Series: N200, N210 Input: 100-240V, 50-60Hz, 0.58AOutput: 5.9V, 4A