The RFNoC & Vivado HLS Challenge is Underway!

Acceptance notifications were sent out for the challenge last month, and each of the accepted teams is now hacking away at their design. We were surprised and excited at the number of entries we received for the challenge, and were really happy to be able to accept eight of the teams for the competition. Submissions were reviewed by a team of FPGA and DSP experts who provided independent recommendations regarding acceptance.

The accepted teams participating in the challenge are:

  • Team Guerrieri – Self
  • Team MarmotE – Vanderbilt University & Budapest University of Technology
  • Team WINLAB – Rutgers University
  • Team Waveform Benders – Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
  • Team Rabbit Ears – UC San Diego & US Navy
  • Team Signum – Tennessee Tech University
  • Team E to the J Omega – HawkEye 360

The teams are tackling an array of applications, including cellular standards, ATSC, signal detection & classification, cognitive radio, channel sounding, and machine learning. We are really looking forward to the blocks that will be contributed to the community as a result of the competition, and expect the impact of the challenge to be much broader than just the competition, itself.