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Which SDR software tool chain is right for you?

Introduction to SDR and Software Options

Covered in this Video

  • What is Software Defined Radio
  • National Instruments and Ettus Research, How are these related?
  • Software Options for SDR Development
  • Overview of NI SDR Hardware Options and Application
  • Which Tool Chain is Right For You?
Getting started with open source tools, UHD and GNU Radio

Introduction to the USRP Hardware Driver (UHD) in Linux

  • USRP Hardware Driver Installation Options
    • Driver File Structure
  • Where to find resources
    • GitHub Resources
    • Ettus Knowledge Base
  • UHD Repository Cloning and Building From Source
    • UHD Installation
  • Validating Install and 1st Time using your Radio
  • “Hello World” With ASCII Art
  • Ettus.com Knowledge Base Tutorial


Introduction to the GNU Radio in Linux 

  • GNU Radio Introduction
  • Where to find resources
  • Building and installing from source
  • Validating Install
  • Basic FM demodulation example
Open Source Tools and FPGA customization for SDR with RFNoC

A Comprehensive RF Network On Chip (RFNOC) Getting Started Tutorial

Getting started with NI-USRP in LabVIEW

Introduction to the USRP with LabVIEW

  • Installing NI-USRP
  • Where to Find NI-USRP palette and Examples
  • Learning More about NI-USRP Functions
  • NI-USRP Design Flow
  • Running a Shipping Example


Getting Started with NI-USRP RIO, FPGA Enabled SDR using LabVIEW