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PCI-Express Connectivity Kit Low Profile


PCI-Express Connectivity Kit (PCIe – Desktop)




PCIe Interface Kit for USRP X3xx (Desktop)

The PCI-Express Connectivity Kit provides high-speed connectivity between a desktop PC (with an available PCI-Express x4 slot) to the USRP ™ X300/X310.  The kit includes a PCI-Express x4 adapter card and 3.0m cable.  The cabled PCIe bus interface provides up to 200 MS/s of full duplex data throughput with round-trip latencies as low as 10 us.

Kit Contents:

  • PCI-Express Card Adapter Card
  • Regular and Low Profile Brackets 
  • 4-Lane PCIe Extension Cable
  • Links to documentation for configuration/setup
Recommended for Use With:
  • USRP X300 and USRP X310 to achieve up to 100 MS/s of streaming bandwidth per channel
Additional Information: