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BasicRX Daughterboard 1-250 MHz   Rx

BasicRX Daughterboard 1-250 MHz Rx




BasicRX USRP Daughterboard (1 - 250 MHz)

The BasicRx daughterboard is a low-cost daughterboard that provides direct access to the ADC inputs.  The board can accept real-mode signals from 1 to 250 MHz. The BasicRx is ideal for applications using an external front end providing relatively clean signals within operable bandwidth. Wideband transformers couple each RF input to a single channel of the USRP device's ADC.  The signals sampled by the ADC are manipulated in the FPGA, and can be processed as two real-mode signals, or a single I-Q pair. 

The BasicRX does not include a local oscillator or downconverter.

It is possible to use subsampling methods to receive higher frequencies.  In this case, the user must ensure the signal is filtered to avoid aliasing of undesired signals.

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