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USRP E310 - $2,746.00 783773-01 | USRP E310 KIT (2x2 MIMO, 70MHz - 6GHz) - Ettus Research

The USRP E310 pocket sized, stand-alone software defined radio. Using the AD9361 RFIC from Analog Devices, the USRP E310 provides 2x2 MIMO support covering 70 MHz – 6 GHz and up to 56 MHz of instantaneous bandwidth. At roughly the footprint of a mobile phone, with a typical power consumption of 2-6 watts, the USRP E310 is ideal for mobile and embedded applications with limited size, weight, and power requirements. A lighter weight, partial-enclosure version is available for custom and volume deployments. Baseband processing is performed in the Zynq 7020 IC which combines a reconfigurable Xilinx 7 series FPGA and integrated dual-core ARM A9 processor running a Linux operating system.  Common to all USRP devices, the open-source software architecture provides cross-platform support with the USRP Hardware Driver(UHD™). UHD allows for compatibility with a large selection of applications and frameworks, such as GNU Radio.