NAVSYS Releases the GNSS Signal Architect Test Set with USRP N210

NAVSYS, a leading expert in the development of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) technologies, has announced its GNSS Signal Architect Test Set. The GNSS Signal Architect Test Set can record, play back, and simulate GPS signals to create complex, repeatable, and realistic test conditions. Providing frequency coverage through the entire GNSS band, the GNSS Signal Architect Test Set serves as a test solution for M-, P-, and C/A-code receivers. The Test Set is an integrated system that includes an Ettus Research USRP™ (Universal Software Radio Peripheral) N210, a WBX daughterboard, a Signal Control Unit computer, high-performance storage media, and the NAVSYS GNSS Signal Architect Simulator Software. The system is optimized for operation in GNSS bands.

The USRP device integrated in the Test Set is tunable within the entire GNSS frequency range and provides sufficient real-time RF bandwidth for military signals. The USRP N210 also offers several options for precise clocking. The Test Set includes modifications to optimize the performance of the USRP N210 for GPS testing. The Signal Control Unit (SCU) includes Gigabit Ethernet, 64-bit Linux, a Xeon 2.4-GHz quadcore processor, a 176-GB hard drive (expandable to 6 TB), and 4 GB of RAM (expandable to 32 GB).

As a small business, NAVSYS found the high price and limited flexibility of high-end GNSS simulation hardware to be prohibitive,” said Dr. Alison Brown, President and CEO. “As a result, we developed our own GNSS test solutions that provided both the low level control and high fidelity of GNSS signal simulation that we require for our advanced research.   We have adapted our in-house simulator design to use the Ettus Research USRP, which was selected as the basis of our hardware platform for its open architecture, reasonable price, and quality construction. We are pleased to be partnered with Ettus to make our cost-effective and highly flexible GNSS test solutions available to the broader market.”

Ettus Research is proud and excited to support NAVSYS as they enable advancements in the GNSS industry,” said John Malsbury of Ettus Research. “The GNSS Signal Architect Test Set is a unique platform that provides new capabilities for GNSS testing at a compelling price point. It is also a great example of how the USRP product family can be used to rapidly productize RF systems for a variety of applications and markets.”

The GNSS Signal Architect Test Set was featured in the GPS World Simulator Special: