Ettus Research Releases Compact, Stand-Alone Software Defined Radio Platform

The USRP E310 combines performance and affordability into a pocket-sized, stand-alone software defined radio solution for portable applications.

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – November 20, 2014– Ettus Research, a National Instruments company, today unveiled the USRP E310 software defined radio (SDR) platform that integrates a flexible 2×2 MIMO RF transceiver, reconfigurable DSP oriented FPGA, and a dual core ARM processor running embedded Linux for stand-alone, deployed SDR applications. The RF front end provides two full-duplex channels with continuous frequency coverage from 70 MHz – 6 GHz and up to 56 MHz of real-time bandwidth to the FPGA. Processing is provided by an onboard Xilinx Zynq 7020 which combines a  dual-core ARM Cortex A9 processor with a custom embedded Linux distribution and an Xilinx 7 series FPGA for accelerated baseband DSP processing.

The USRP E310 integrates a rich set of features and peripherals necessary for mobile radio, wireless sensor networks, and remote sensing applications such as the integrated GPS for position awareness and time synchronization, and two host USB ports for extending storage, I/O and communication options with off-the-shelf USB devices. Using the same USRP Hardware Driver™ (UHD) architecture, common to all Ettus Research USRP devices, designers can programmatically control all USRP devices with a common UHD C++ API, or choose from a wide selection of third-party tools and software such as GNU Radio.

 “The USRP E310 adds stand-alone deployment capabilities to the USRP product family,” said Matt Ettus, founder and president of Ettus Research. “Engineers can begin prototyping with our low-cost B200 platform as their first SDR, deploy on the E310 for stand-alone applications, and upgrade to the X310 for high performance applications, all with a common software experience.”

Product Features:

  • Pocket-sized SDR with a two channel transceiver covering 70 MHz – 6 GHz
  • Stand-alone embedded Linux running on a dual ARM Cortex A9
  • Reconfigurable Xilinx 7 series FPGA for high performance DSP
  • Peripheral rich for extending I/O, connectivity, and storage
  • UHD support for software frameworks such as GNU Radio 

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 About Ettus Research

Ettus Research™, a National Instruments (NI) company since 2010, is the world’s leading supplier of software defined radio platforms, including the Universal Software Radio Peripheral (USRP™) family of products. With an overall affordable system price, expansive capabilities and fully supported by the open source community, USRP products are used by thousands of students, engineers and scientists worldwide and remain the top choice in software defined radio hardware for algorithm development, exploration, prototyping and developing next generation wireless technologies across a wide variety of applications.