Announcing the USRP B200 and USRP B210, the first fully integrated USRP devices with continuous RF coverage from 70 MHz –6 GHz

The USRP B200 (1×1) and B210 (2×2) each provide a fully integrated, single board, Universal Software Radio Peripheral platforms with continuous frequency coverage from 70 MHz-6 GHz. Designed for low-cost experimentation, they combine a fully integrated direct conversion transceiver providing up to 56MHz of real-time bandwidth (1×1), an open and reprogrammable Spartan6 FPGA, and fast and convenient SuperSpeed USB 3.0 connectivity. Full support for the UHD (USRP Hardware Driver) software allows you to immediately begin developing with GNU Radio, prototype your own GSM base station with OpenBTS, and seamlessly transition code from the USRP B200 and USRP B210 to higher performance, industry ready USRP platforms.

The USRP B200 and USRP B210 are available now.

For more information on the new products, see the USRP B200 and USRP B210 product page.