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BasicRX Daughterboard 1-250 MHz   Rx

BasicRX Daughterboard 1-250 MHz Rx




BasicRX USRP Daughterboard (1 - 250 MHz)

The BasicRx daughterboard is a low-cost daughterboard that provides direct access to the ADC inputs.  The board can accept real-mode signals from 1 to 250 MHz. The BasicRx is ideal for applications using an external front end providing relatively clean signals within operable bandwidth. Wideband transformers couple each RF input to a single channel of the USRP device's ADC.  The signals sampled by the ADC are manipulated in the FPGA, and can be processed as two real-mode signals, or a single I-Q pair. 

The BasicRX does not include a local oscillator or downconverter.

While the USRP ADC sample rates are currently below 100 MS/s, it is possible to use subsampling methods to receive higher frequencies.  In this case, the user must ensure the signal is filtered to avoid aliasing of un-desired signals.

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