Applications & Partners

The Ettus Research USRP™ (Universal Software Radio Peripheral) platform is a low-cost SDR that is commonly used for rapid prototyping and complex system design. The flexibility, affordability, and ease-of-use make the USRP an ideal option for numerous applications ranging from simple record-and-playback devices, to spectrum monitoring systems, and even functional cellular networks. Widespread adoption of the USRP platform has created an ecosystem of expertise and experience that you can leverage for your next project. We have established this list of trusted and capable partners that offer turn-key products and services for the USRP platform.

USRP System Integrators and Training

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Corgan Labs - SDR Integration, Application Development, Training

Corgan Labs is a preferred partner that offers engineering services, which can reduce time-to-market for your next SDR project.  Operated by Johnathan Corgan, co-maintainer and release manager for the GNU Radio project, Corgan Labs offers SDR hardware integration and application development services.  Many of our customers also take advantage of the training offered by Corgan Labs to educate their engineering, marketing and management teams on GNU Radio, the USRP product family, and general SDR concepts.


Geon Technologies

Geon offers custom development for a wide range of RF signal processing and wireless radio components tailored to Ettus Research's powerful FPGA/SDR architecture. Geon's engineering expertise includes; High fidelity spectral characterization support for cognitive radio and RF situational awareness applications, Conventional and wireless radio transceivers, Multi-channel wireless radio applications (MIMO, Tx/Rx diversity, Adaptive beam forming) Correlative DF and TDOA-based geolocation support, Wideband signal synthesis for reactive countermeasures applications.

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OEM and Turn-Key Solutions



Echo Ridge offers a suite of innovative RF test products which harness the latest Ettus Research wideband software defined radio technology. Their Wireless Instrumented Streaming Platform (WISP) and mini-WISP products combine USRP™ software defined radios, embedded computers, wideband power amplification, and intuitive control software into economical packaging configurations which support a wide range of uses such as precision-time/power calibrated wideband RF streaming capture, spectrum analysis, and arbitrary signal transmission. Their DYnamic Spectrum Environment emulator (DYSE™) is able to digitally synthesize complex radio propagation environments which include dozens of interconnected radio devices to provide controllable, repeatable field test realism in a laboratory environment.

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NAVSYS - GNSS Signal Archiect Test Set

The NAVSYS GNSS Signal Architect Test Set is a turn-key GNSS simulation and testing system. Providing suffecient bandwidth for P(Y), M, and C/A codes, the test set can be used to test GNSS receivers with repeatable, real-world simulations. These simulations can be produced from recorded signals with the record-and-playback feature. The Test Set can also synthesize raw I/Q data with or without impairments, allowing for repeatable, but adaptable test cases. The Test Set uses a USRP N210 SDR.

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Skydel Solutions

Using today's GPUs massive computation power, Skydel has engineered SDX, a full-featured GNSS simulator that is entirely software driven. SDX generates the real-time baseband signals, converting them instantly to RF using Ettus SDR USRP X and USRP Networked Series. Packed with a rich feature set such as 1000 Hz update rate, real-time kinematics (RTK), remote control from Python scripts and jammers simulation, SDX offers unmatched flexibility and scalability.

Skydel offers turnkey solutions & software only packages.

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Shared Spectrum Corporation - Spectrum Sensing Toolbox

Shared Spectrum Corporation (SSC) is an industry-leading expert in dynamic spectrum access, signal detection, and signal classification. SSC has chosen the USRP E110 SDR as a platform for their Spectrum Sensing Toolbox (SST).  Taking advantage of the embedded ARM processor and DSP of the USRP E110 SDR, the SST provides detection and classification capabilities for a variety of signals including: LTE, ATSC, and narrowband FM.

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Third-Party Software


Amarisoft - LTE 100

Amarisoft LTE 100 is a very affordable LTE Base Station running on a PC. It accelerates R&D process in LTE technology, bringing an LTE base station on your desk for one tenth of the price of what existed before. Small to medium companies can now test 4G UE with low investment. One can also build 4G demo or trial networks anywhere in the world.  LTE 100 is compatible with the USRP N200/N210 SDRs and support both MIMO and SISO configurations.

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NordiaSoft - SCA Support for USRP SDRs

NordiaSoft's SCARI-GT is a SCA core framework with device wrappers for the USRP product family.  This framework currently runs on OrbExpress fromObjective Interface Systems. Combined with the USRP N2xx or USRP E1xx, this software provides a SCA development environment that is affordable, open, and easy-to-use.  SCARI-GT includes several design examples for the USRP SDRs, and can be licensed for SCA-based products. 

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OpenAirInterface Software Alliance (OSA)

OpenAirInterface Software Alliance (OSA)

Established in 2014, the OpenAirInterface Software Alliance (OSA) is a French non-profit organization ("Fonds De Dotation"), funded by corporate sponsors. OSA currently provides a standard-compliant implementation of a subset of Release 10 LTE for UE, eNB, MME, HSS, SGw and PGw on standard Linux-based computing equipment (Intel x86 PC/ARM architectures). The software is freely distributed by the Alliance under the terms stipulated by the OSA license model. It can be used in conjunction with standard RF laboratory equipment available in many labs. The primary future objective is to provide an open-source reference implementation which follows the 3GPP standardization process starting from Rel-13 and the evolutionary path towards 5G and that is freely-available for experimentation on commodity laboratory equipment.

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CORAD is the Chinese local distributor for Ettus Research.



Tenet Technetronics serves Ettus Research with distribution services in India.