The Open Source SDR Hands on Workshop is two-day training event to give attendees a thorough introduction using GNU Radio with the Ettus Universal Software Radio peripheral (USRP) and a deep dive into advanced customizations possible with the power of an open FPGA with the RF Network on Chip (RFNoC) Framework. Users can expect to get hands on experience with the Ettus USRP B series, USRP Hardware Driver (UHD) and exposure to specific application examples around the Open-Source SDR Toolchain options.   

Day 1: GNU Radio & NI SDR Introduction Workshop   

  8.30:00am – 5:30pm (1 Hour Lunch Break)  

  Gain a solid foundation and practical understanding of how to configure, program, and use the USRP to implement a wide range of wireless applications.  

  Topics Include:    

  • Introduction to the NI USRP Product Line  
  • Getting started with NI USRP, Installing & Configuring toolchain  
  • Programming the USRP using the UHD API from C++ 
  • Using GNU Radio with the USRP 
  • Using GNU Radio from both GNU Radio Companion and Python 
  • Implementing an FM transmitter and receiver 
  • Application Examples: GQRX, Fosphor, Inspectrum, and several Out-of-Tree (OOT) modules, Cellular applications including OpenBTS and LTE stacks, as well as GPS/GNSS applications, 10 Gigabit Ethernet networking, host system performance tuning, X300/X310 device recovery   

Day 2: Hands-on exercise on creating Custom GNU radio Block and Introduction to Open FPGA Programming with NI RF Network on Chip (RFNOC) Framework    

8:30am – 5:30pm (1 Hour Lunch Break)    

Users will gain hands on experience on creating new customer user defined GNU radio block along with writing a program to test and invoke it. In depth discussion on multi device synchronization for coherent application areas. Users will also be provided with detailed overview on RFNoC framework, that is designed to decrease the development time for experienced FPGA engineers seeking to integrate IP into the USRP FPGA signal processing chain.    

Topics include:  

  • Discussion of synchronizing multiple USRP devices for phase-synchronous and MIMO applications
  • Performing high-rate streaming and configuring high-rate sampling rates over 10 Gbps Ethernet.
  • System performance tuning and optimization for high-rate streaming.
  • Overview of the design and capabilities 
  • Implementing a user-defined RFNoC block
  • Integrating the RFNoC block into UHD and invoking it from C++ 
  • Integrating the RFNoC block into GNU Radio and invoking it from a flowgraph 


  • Using RFNoC for high-rate, real-time spectrum monitoring with low CPU usage.     

Laptop Computers & USRP Radios:

Attendees do not have to bring any laptop computers or USRP radios to the event. All necessary hardware and software will be provided in the workshop. Attendees may optionally bring their own personal laptops and/or USRP radios for use in the workshop, but this is not required. Attendees who are interested in doing this should contact  “” for specific setup and configuration requirements.

Seats are limited to due to limited hardware, so please register for the workshop via following link: Register for OSSDR workshop, November 2019, India

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