GNU Radio Conference 2020

September 14 TO September 20

GNU Radio Software

GNU Radio Conference is upon us once again…
But, virtually…

We are proud to sponsor GRCon 2020.
While we will miss meeting in person, we are excited to connect with you and discuss your wireless applications and ideas online.

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This year we have 5 Talks, 4 Exciting Demos, 2 FPGA Workshops,  and the entire team of SDR experts to connect with.

Monday: September 14th  16:30 EST

A Conversation with the Ettus Research / NI SDR R&D Team
Ciro Nishiguchi, Chief SDR Software Engineer
Wade Fife Principal SDR Hardware Engineer
Michael West, Senior SDR Software Engineer
This talk Haydn Nelson will lead a discussion with NI / Ettus Research SDR R&D around some of the great technical enhancements of the UHD 4.0 driver and share some other exciting investments NI is making to benefit the SDR Community. Topics include SDR Streaming enhancements, improvements to the RF Network on Chip (RFNoC) framework, and software stability enhancements.

Tuesday: September 15th 16:00 EST

The De-Swigification of GNU Radio
Martin Braun,
Principal SDR Software Engineer
Joshua Morman, Perspecta Labs

This talk will discuss the removal of the SWIG tool for Python users from GNU Radio 3.9

Wednesday: September 16th 13:00 EST
Exploring RFNoC with the UHD Python API
Aaron Rossetto,
Principal SDR Software Architect
This talk will explore some of the ways you can use python and C++ with the RF Network on Chip (RFNoC) FPGA Framework.

Thursday: September 17th 10:30 EST 
How Strong is my SDR Signal
Martin Braun, Principal SDR Software Engineer
This talk will shed light on how signal levels in the digital domain map to the analog domain

Thursday: September 17th 13:30 EST
SDR to GPU Peer-to-Peer Data Streaming for Cognitive Radar and EW Use-Case
Abhay Samant,
Chief Software Engineer, NI Aerospace and Defense Systems R&D
This talk will explore the challenges of wideband streaming and GPU integration to advanced SDR applications for Radar and EW

FPGA Programming on the USRP Using the RFNoC Framework Workshop

Want to use the FPGA for your high-performance SDR design?
Come to the popular RFNoC Workshops taught by Ettus Research SDR Experts.
Neel Pandeya, Principal SDR Applications Engineer
Jonathon Pendlum, RFNoC Architect and SDR Expert
Aaron Rossetto, Principal SDR Software Architect
Wade Fife Principal SDR Hardware Engineer

You have two opportunities to connect with the SDR Team.
Tuesday: September 15th  16:00 — 19:00
Friday: September 18th  13:00 — 16:00

SDR Demos at the event