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By Matt Ettus | Thursday, January 26, 2012

Welcome to the Ettus Research blog! If you're an Ettus Research customer, or have been to our website before, you probably notice a lot of changes. We're excited to have launched the new site and new features (like this blog) to help customers learn more about, and be successful with, the software defined radio products we're committed to producing.

The blog posts will cover a variety of topics related to software defined radio uses, applications, successes and more. Read up on everything from SDR industry news to personal projects, and be sure to join our mailing list for additional information about our products and compatible software. Whether you're a newcomer or veteran visitor to our website, be sure to check out our new products pages to learn more about each hardware series offering, including the Bus, Networked and Embedded series. Thanks for visiting, and check back in for new posts, product announcements and new site features soon!


Matt Ettus



The new website looks neat and smart, congratulations.
Just a question: will the open-source nature of all Ettus products be kept?

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The structure and information presentation has been greatly improved. Great job. I like it.

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Thank for the compliments on the site. Ettus Research remains deeply committed to Open Source. As always, our drivers and our FPGA code are all open source. In addition, we are continuing to make significant contributions to GNU Radio and other open source projects as well.

Hellow, congratulations of new form to shape de information in your web is more pleasent.......
just question, i want know about of display connected at the card E100, it's posibble

Thank you for this new website. However, I no longer find the electronic design of the circuit daugther boards. They were available on the previous web site.
Are Ettus products still open-source ?

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The E100 has an HDMI connector, so you can connect a monitor to it.


As always, you can find our schematics here:


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