GNU Radio Hands-on

GNU Radio Hands-On Agenda

08:30-9:00 Registration


  • Introduction to Software Defined Radio
  • SDR Architecture
  • SDR Hardware Overview
  • SDR Application Overview

10:00-10:15 Tea Break


  • Introduction to SDR toolchains (hands-on)
  • Discussion of UHD and GNU Radio
  • Creating and Running Flow Graphs in GNU Radio
  • Implementing an FM+RDS transmitter and receiver in GRC

12:30 – 13:30 Lunch


  • Overview of the FPGA toolchain
  • Overview of GQRX and installation using GQRX
  • Overview of gr-paint and installation hands-on demo of gr-paint
  • Overview of gr-fosphor and installation Brief examples of RFNoC based gr-fosphor
  • Overview of Inspectrum and installation- examples of Inspectrum with various signals
  • Remote replay attack demo hands-on demo of analyzing various signals with Inspectrum
  • Overview of various Signal Identification resources Discussion of synchronizing multiple USRP devices for phase-synchronous and MIMO applications Discussion of the TwinRX daughterboard for MIMO applications

15:30-15:45 Tea Break


  • NI 5G Initiatives and Prototyping wireless systems using LabVIEW 16:45-17:30 Demo showcase