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USRP E310 - $2,700.00 783773-01 | USRP E310 KIT (2x2 MIMO, 70MHz - 6GHz) - Ettus Research

The USRP E310 pocket sized, stand-alone software defined radio. Using the AD9361 RFIC from Analog Devices, the USRP E310 provides 2x2 MIMO support covering 70 MHz – 6 GHz and up to 56 MHz of instantaneous bandwidth. At roughly the footprint of a mobile phone, with a typical power consumption of 2-6 watts, the USRP E310 is ideal for mobile and embedded applications with limited size, weight, and power requirements. A lighter weight, partial-enclosure version is available for custom and volume deployments. Baseband processing is performed in the Zynq 7020 IC which combines a reconfigurable Xilinx 7 series FPGA and integrated dual-core ARM A9 processor running a Linux operating system.  Common to all USRP devices, the open-source software architecture provides cross-platform support with the USRP Hardware Driver(UHD™). UHD allows for compatibility with a large selection of applications and frameworks, such as GNU Radio.


USRP E110 - $1,515.00 782745-01 | USRP E110 Kit (USRP E110, 2 SMA-Bulkhead RF Cables, USB Cable, Power)

The USRP E110 is equivalent to the USRP E100, but includes a larger FPGA to allow the user to implement additional functions in logic.  FPGA-centric implementations can expand the processing capability to 64 MS/s in both directions, while maintaining the flexibility offered by the OMAP application processor.

Not Recommended for New Designs. Please consider the USRP E310 instead.



USRP E100 - $1,313.00 782744-01 | USRP E100 Kit (USRP E100, 2 SMA-Bulkhead RF Cables, USB Cable, Power)

The USRP E100 combines the flexibility of the USRP product family with a TI OMAP3 embedded processor. With 4 GB of flash space, 512 MB of RAM and a Linux image built specifically for the USRP E100, which offers new flexibility for embedded applications. The USRP E100 is an ideal product for use in mobile applications, such as unmanned systems and standalone base stations. The USRP E100 is capable of processing up to 8 MS/s in the ARM processor.